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Clinical Decision Support: Implementation Lessons

Sep/Oct 2017 - AHRA Radiology Management 


AHRA: Regulatory Experts Share on Key Issues

March 2016 - Radiology Business Journal


CMS Delays CDS Implementation on Nov 4, 2015

November 2015 - AHRA Link


Counting the Cost-TCO, Service Contracts and Device Management

November 2015 - Medical Dealer


Five Important Questions About the XR-29 Standard

October 2015 - Radiology Business Journal


Preparing for the Costs of XR-29: A New Standard for CT Radiation Dose Monitoring

October 2015 - Healthcare Financial Management Association


Ready, Set, Go: Regulatory Changes Ahead for Medical Imaging

June/July 2015 - Radiology Business Journal


The Devil's in the Details

September 2014 - Nashville Medical News


Data, Metrics, and Analytics in Medical Imaging

August 2014 - AHRA: The Association for Medical Imaging Management


AHRA: Strategic Planning in the Era of Accountable Care

August 2013 - AuntMinnie


Eliminate Certificate of Need Laws

April 2013 - Diagnostic Imaging


Is Refurbished Imaging Equipment Right For You?

June 2012 - Diagnostic Imaging


Imaging Technology: Utilization and Service

December 2012 - Radiology Business Journal


Equipment Service: Total Cost of Ownership

December 2012 - Radiology Business Journal


Imaging-technology Deployment in the Post-DRA Era              Oct/Nov 2012 - Radiology Business Journal


Measuring the Potential Impact of the Proposed 2013 MPFS Aug/Sept 2012 - Radiology Business Journal


Accommodating Imaging Volume Under Health-care Reform June/July 2012 - Radiology Business Journal


Forecasting Imaging Use Under Health-care Reform

April/May 2012 - Radiology Business Journal


CT & MRI: Regional Variations in Utilization and Reimbursement

Feb/Mar 2012 - Radiology Business Journal


The Radiology Staffing Market, Temporary and Permanent December 2011 - Radiology Business Journal


Outpatient Imaging Utilization Trends

Oct/Nov 2011 - Radiology Business Journal


Developing an Imaging Strategic Plan: Intermountain Healthcare

September 2011 - Imaging Biz


Radiology-group Financial Performance

Aug/Sept 2011 - Radiology Business Journal


Joint Adventure: A Case Study in Hospital-Practice Integration

July 2011 - Imaging Biz


Cost Comparison: Hospital-based Versus Freestanding Outpatient Imaging Services

June/July 2011 - Radiology Business Journal


Financing Outpatient Imaging Initiatives: The Saint Thomas Health Services Experience

Apr/May 2011 - Radiology Business Journal


Hospital-based Versus Freestanding Outpatient Imaging Services

Apr/May 2011 - Radiology Business Journal


Hospital-Imaging-Center Integration: Complexities in Search of Solutions

March 2011 - Imaging Biz






AHRA Editorial Award - 2016 Gary Boyd Editorial Award for Outstanding Column in Radiology Management

Sheila M. Sferrella for her article, "Regulatory Changes ahead for Medical Imaging" was published in the Sep/Oct 2015 issue


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