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Meet Samantha Jones

When trying to summarize Samantha Jones’ role at Revenue Cycle Coding Strategies (RCCS), it’s tempting to simply write: “Sam does everything.” In fact, that would be a good way to summarize her entire career. From marketing to finance and then executive assisting to healthcare consulting, her path to becoming RCCS’s Client Development Specialist has been anything but linear.

“I don’t ever seem to be able to really, truly specialize in something,” she explained. “But I love learning new things so if I’m tasked with something I haven’t done before I’m going to get as good as I can at it.”

Sam credits her work ethic to growing up in a family-owned restaurant.

“Sometimes I wish I knew how to slack, but there’s just always something that needs to get done,” she joked.

This wasn’t the only thing learned growing up. Sales was also a skill Sam developed at a young age.

“I was able to sell anything and I was good at it,” she explained. “But I don’t really like to do it. If [only] I would have known what I know now when I was younger.”

For the first couple of years when Sam moved to Tennessee, she was a marketing manager for an advertising company. She worked with people from half of the country and traveled around to different shows and conferences.

“I didn’t mind it at first,” she recalls. “I was like, ‘I don’t know anyone in Tennessee anyways. I’ll get to travel and make decent money.’”

After speaking with her now husband, Sam decided she wanted to advance her career even further and jumped into the financial industry. Then she made the move to healthcare.

January marks 13 years that Sam has been in the healthcare consulting industry. Once she joined Regents, her multidimensional talent was quickly recognized and she was swiftly promoted.

“I technically got hired on with Regents as an executive assistant and then my position just expanded from there,” she explained.

In her work with RCCS, several of her coworkers have referred to Sam as the “jack of all trades.” At Regents, she managed the office answering the phones and ordering office supplies. She also worked on the website, put together PowerPoints, and the list goes on and on.

Eventually, Sam began working more on the project side things, doing market assessments, working in Excel, doing secret shopper calls, working on maps, and more.

“I’m a multitasker,” Sam said. “I can switch between projects. I can be doing one thing one minute and things switch to another minute and then switch back. I’m very capable of compartmentalizing and organizing the tasks at hand.”

During her time at Regents and RCCS. Sam has worked with both the operational and client-facing sides of things. As of now, she is doing everything from data management to proposals to client work.

“I wear multiple hats,” she said.

What Sam really enjoys doing is supporting people and being behind the scenes rather than being the face.

Sam explained one of the reasons she enjoys her work now at RCCS is because she loves the people she is surrounded with.

“I like all the people that I work with,” she said. “Everyone is super nice.”

Additionally, Sam said she is interested in any opportunity she has to further learn and be educated.

“I’m always learning new things,” she explained. “I do like working with RCCS because it is challenging enough where I am getting pulled into several things where I do get to expand my work base [and] knowledge base. It seems like every day I am learning something that I didn’t know the day before.”

Sam is very driven and works hard at being an expert on whatever she is working on. She enjoys taking new courses that teach her new things.

When she’s not busy being the “jack of all trades,” Sam loves spending time with her husband and two dogs, a very loved Doberman and Aussiedoodle. Her passion for animals doesn’t end with her dogs. Sam also has a zoo membership, which she and her husband try to visit twice a month so they can walk and view the animals.

Sam also spends time working out and focusing on her health. Sam has a passion for the outdoors where she likes to hike with her husband. Her favorite spot to go hiking is the Natchez Trace Parkway. She also loves cooking and trying new recipes when she can.

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