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Regents Health Consulting Merges with The Oncology Group 

Nashville, TN — Regents Consulting, a renowned leader in national healthcare consulting since 1996, is proud to announce it is incorporating the resources of The Oncology Group (TOG) into its portfolio – opening the door to work with cancer programs as a strategic consulting partner. This strategic move marks a significant milestone in the evolution of Regents Consulting, positioning it to provide a broader range of specialized services to its clients in the healthcare industry. 

Raif Erim, Regents Executive Vice President, says, “Combining Regents’ 25+ years of healthcare consulting expertise with TOG’s oncology knowledge gives an unmatched level of experience to our clients.  Regents has worked with cancer centers in the past, but the combined knowledge base of both teams allows us to provide industry-leading support across all our solutions, including our expanded offerings in revenue cycle optimization through our sister company, Revenue Cycle Coding Strategies.” 

The Oncology Group was founded with a focus on strategic cancer program planning and a commitment to covering the full continuum of care, ensuring that all TOG clients exceed their patients’ expectations.  

The combination of TOG and Regents not only enhances their service portfolios but also reflects their commitment to continually improving and evolving in response to the ever-changing healthcare landscape. This move is driven by a shared vision to empower healthcare organizations to excel in their missions, ultimately improving patient outcomes and the overall quality of care.