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Healthcare Consulting Services

Regents Consulting offers a comprehensive range of services to elevate and transform organizations. Our expertise covers operations and workflow, valuations and financial analysis, mergers and partnerships, and growth and expansion planning.

Strategic planning includes practice and facility acquisitions, organizational restructuring, productivity and compensation review, and SWOT analysis for seamless execution and growth. Business development encompasses detailed market analysis, competitor analysis, joint ventures, and customized marketing plans with a focus on differentiation and financial planning. We enhance operations through assessments, workflow analysis, IT system improvements, and performance metrics. Services extend to customer service evaluation, billing analysis, and capital planning, with strategic negotiations for favorable procurement terms. With our expertise, your organization gains a dedicated partner committed to innovation, growth, and sustained success.

Valuations, Mergers, and Acquisitions

  • Practice Valuations & Divestitures
  • Joint Venture Planning
  • Joint Venture Ownership Structures
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Regional Formations and Divisional Mergers
  • Partner Buy-Ins and Buy-Outs

Strategic Planning

  • Organizational SWOT and Root Cause Analysis
  • Action Plans and Project Timelines
  • Implementation Support
  • Secret Shopper Assessment
  • Alignment Between Hospitals and Partners

Business Development

  • Market Assessment & Analysis
  • MSO/IPA Development
  • Capital Planning, Procurement, & Negotiations
  • Financial Planning
    • Billing and Overhead Analysis
    • Proforma and Budget Modeling
  • Governance and Compensation Structuring
  • Leadership Workshops
  • Certificate of Need (CON) Procurement

Process Evaluation and Redesign

  • Operational Assessment
  • Workflow Analysis
  • Benchmarking & Performance Metrics
  • Customer Service Evaluation
Process evaluation and redesign

Interim Management

  • Building Project Managers
  • Rapid Program Growth
  • Professional Assistance During Transition Periods
  • Unexpected Vacancy Filling – Management and Leadership Positions

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