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Interim Management

Program leaders, hospital departments, and outpatient facilities often face overwhelming demands from daily operations and special projects. Regents Consulting steps in to alleviate this burden by providing seasoned executives to take over management and implement action plans that enhance your operations. Assignments, spanning a few months to one or two years, are tailored to your needs. Our interim managers are invaluable in various scenarios, including:

Building Projects

When your organization undertakes new construction or renovations to accommodate patient volume increases or address safety concerns, we provide clinical and administrative leaders with project management experience. This includes multimillion-dollar projects such as medical and radiation oncology facilities, radiology practices, and provider groups.

Leadership Vacancy

Solid leadership is always in demand, especially for growing and evolving cancer programs, pediatric settings, and other complex specialties. Unexpected leadership departures, even with 30 days’ notice, can leave you scrambling for a replacement. Rather than burdening current staff or enduring a lengthy search with no one to fill the vacancy, opt for an experienced leader to step in during the interim, maintaining stability and adherence to strategy while the search unfolds. You can also rely on us to assist with the transition and onboarding period once a long-term hire is found to fill the role.

Transition Periods

During transitions like switching Electronic Medical Records (EMR) to Epic or pursuing accreditations from professional organizations like the Commission on Cancer (CoC), American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), and American Society of Radiation Oncology (ASTRO), stress and time constraints can impede daily operations. Benefit from the expertise of professionals who have navigated similar projects elsewhere, ensuring patient satisfaction and operational continuity.

Where We Shine

The consultants at Regents Consulting have a wide breadth of expertise, including both department and practice management. We have decades of experience in radiology, oncology, pediatrics, and rehabilitation; however, we are always looking for new specialties to share our knowledge with.
Whether it’s addressing vacancies, managing special projects, or facilitating program growth, Regents Consulting’s interim leaders deliver results that complement and collaborate with your existing team. Our seasoned professionals ensure seamless operations and successful outcomes.

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