Raif Erim, CEO

Raif Erim Regents CEO

With nearly 20 years of medical imaging experience in financial analysis, operations and business development, Raif is a values-driven, strategic executive motivated by creating opportunities for growth and expansion. Whether organically or through acquisition or vertical expansion, Raif's focus is on helping our clients develop and implement state of the art technology and efficient operations in existing or new business lines.   

He has extensive experience in development, valuations, financial modeling, operational review, and in business analytics.  

In 1999, Raif graduated in just three and a half years from Vanderbilt University with a Bachelor's degree in Economics and Business Administration.  

Raif loves to sail when he can, and when not spending time with his family, likes to take out his stresses on the ice in a men's hockey league in Franklin. 




Owner, past President of

Regents Health Resources, Inc.

Senior Manager

Acquisition Finance & Development

MedQuest Associates, Inc.